Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks

Created by Caleb Stokes

Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks lets up to five friends play students at Duck University. It’s the week before finals, and you're fitting to get fowl! But be careful: coolness is a zero-sum game, and the social pecking order at Duck U can be real a cluster-duck. Watch out for basic hens and duck bois looking to sabotage your fun! Party Fowl is a card-based, light strategy game with area control mechanics on a modular board. Players win by using cards to score points, dominate specific topics of conversation, sabotage other players, and transform their birds into party legends until one ascends as the Big Duck on Campus. Design: Caleb Stokes and Spencer Harris Art: KC Green Graphic Design: Simeon Cogswell and Kyle Carty © Fowl Mouth Games LLC In Cooperation with Hebanon Games Download the rules at

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ducks Ready to Fly
12 months ago – Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 01:43:06 AM

ShipNaked just contacted us: the games have arrived! Your copies of Party Fowl are currently at the warehouse. Copies are being picked, packaged, sorted, and shipped as we speak. They should arrive...soonish! It's still the postal service, so we don't have definite timelines, but if you find some ducks on your door looking to party, hit us up with an unboxing video or picture on social! 

If there's some problem with your delivery, we'll be sure to make good, but it's far too early to be concerned. We just wanted to let everyone know that the flock is on the way!

For those that missed the boat, hit them up with the following link:

Thanks again to all of you for helping make this day possible. We hope you love the game as much as we loved making it. 

Last Day to Fill Out Your Backerkit
about 1 year ago – Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 02:34:26 PM

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Last Chance to Get Your Game: Backerkit Cards Charged This Friday, February 1st
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 08:02:34 AM

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Ducks in the Water
about 1 year ago – Sun, Jan 06, 2019 at 05:18:25 PM

You've likely already seen this on our social media, but Party Fowl is printed, on pallets, and paddling towards the USA as we speak. The timeline promised in Update #10 is on track. Here's what we expect to happen.

  • Shipment arrives to our fulfillment and distribution partner sometime late January/early February.
  • We charge shipping through BackerKit, finalize address information, and get the info to our partner.
  • ShipNaked starts packaging and mailing. Games arrive at your door sometime late February/early March.
  • Everyone gets ducked up and parties. Forever.

Okay, that last one might not be entirely realistic, but I've no reason to doubt the rest. I'm going to keep a tentative Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) deadline for finalizing surveys and charging cards, but please, Please, PLEASE try to get your BackerKit survey filled out ASAP. We're at 88% completion as of this update, but that still leaves 41 qualified backers who haven't provided the information required to get their rewards. Remember: we can't mail games if we don't know where you live, and we can't mail games if you don't pay the promised shipping fee.

You should act now, but there is still some time...which means plenty of time to convince your friends to pre-order copies of Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks! 


Now that the games have begun shipping, we're seeing more pre-orders than we have in the last few months of the Backerkit combined. That's understandable; people have been burned by boardgame kickstarters before. 

But these ducks are real, ready, and looking to get rekt. Why not in the homes of your dearest loved ones? We'd appreciate if you fine backers could assist these unfortunate, duckless people by helping this pre-order link migrate around:


That's all we have for you today. Thanks again for making Party Fowl possible. We could have never achieved this silly dream without your help. 

BackerKit Reminder
over 1 year ago – Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 06:07:50 AM

Hey! Get over to BackerKit and fill out your surveys. If you need more explanation, it's over at Update #10. We're deep into mass production, so help us get these ducks to your door!